Benefits of Turn-Key Homes

There’s no doubt that buying a fixer-upper can save some money, but renovation is not for everyone. For those willing to forgo the cheaper price tag and added stress, turn-key homes are a great option.

Turn-key is a realtor term for move-in ready. When a property is sold as turn-key it is likely to have been recently renovated or built. Those wishing to move in quickly to a home with modern amenities will likely consider turn-key homes.

Here is Daily Journal Home’s list of things to consider when buying a turn-key home:

1. Upgrades

Turn-key homes are often filled with upgrades that fixer-uppers just won’t have. Kitchen appliances, flooring, windows, you name it! When looking for a move-in ready home, there are a lot of nice upgraded models available. Be sure to keep a list of your most important features and weigh your options carefully.

2. Energy 

Newer homes are fitted with newer technology that will save you energy and money. From lights, to appliances, to water usage, to insulation, newer models are made to look great and save money.

3. No Stress

Move-in ready means you move in immediately. You won't have to stress about last minute repairs before the family moves in — its already done.

 4. Financing

As far as home loans go, it is easier to get a loan for a turn-key home than a fixer-upper. Fixer-uppers require a different type of loan that is harder to get. A lender isn’t going to approve a loan for the added expenses for renovations. Many people use home equity loans for repairs, but this can’t be done without equity. The simpler solution may be a turn-key home.

5. Location

Worried about finding your turn-key home in the perfect location? Don’t be! There are homes that are move-in ready and available in every place you could want to live.

6. Design

Obviously, a move-in ready home will likely to be very well designed with modern fixtures and layouts. For those wanting immediate comfort and aesthetic beauty without the labor, turn-key is the way to go. 

We always recommend that buyers do their research when it comes to any type of home. Here at you can find all sorts of information to aid in your home-buying process.


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