Home Inspections

Buying a house and jumping into the world of homeownership can be a daunting task, especially for new homebuyers. A very important part of the home buying process is the home inspection. Here at Daily Journal Homes, we want you to be prepared! Here is our checklist for home inspections.

Have an inspection

Home inspections are optional, but considering the potential crazy things that could be hiding beneath the floorboards, why wouldn't you want one?


After the inspection, you have the right to negotiate. Either the repairs will be made by the seller, the price of the house will be lowered to compensate, the price of the repairs will fall on you, or you can walk away from the sale. Do your research.

Attend the inspection

You wouldn't go to a check up at your Doctor’s office, and have your headphones in, and your eyes closed the entire time, would you? It’s the same with a home inspection, it is important to be present, so that you know what is going on with your house during the checkup.

Read the report

This one is a no-brainer. If you did not attend the inspection you’ll already be behind on the information about your future home. Always attend the inspection, and always read the report. The report can be used to negotiate during the selling process.

Hire and research your inspector

It is important to hire your own inspector, and making sure to find one that is credible. Think about it, if you left it up to the sellers to hire a home inspector, there could be room for foul play. To make sure the seller and inspector aren't in cahoots, seek one out on your own, and research him or her before assigning the task.


Once there is a list of all repairs that need to be completed and you have read it, hire a professional to fix the problems. Again, try and find your own repair service rather than leaving it up to the buyer. Once the problems are fixed get record of it, and keep that record in your records.


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